youth unemployment

Youth Unemployment: The Beginnings of an Inter-Generational War?

An article published in the Sydney Morning Herald today is likely to alarm any and all new university graduates. Job vacancies in Australia have slid eight per cent in the past year, with most jobs disappearing from the public sector, traditionally one of the biggest employers of graduates.

With fewer jobs, young people are faced with unemployment, more years spent in university becoming increasingly specialised, or throwing in the towel, growing their hair and dedicating the rest of their twenties to answering the question “So what do you do?” with “ahh, you know…nothin’.”

The statistics echo a global trend, wherein the GFC has caused youth unemployment to skyrocket compared to adult rates, and become an increasing point of concern for the UN.

During the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Ed Howker and Shiv Malik spoke on just this problem, prophesising an imminent war between an entire generation of downwardly-mobile young people with their parents, who continue to control the vast majority of society’s political power, money and cultural capital.

Watch what they had to say here.