Tavi Gevinson – Tavi’s Big Big World (At 17)

She’s been called the voice of her generation. The future of journalism. A style icon. A muse. Oh, and she’s still in high school.

Tavi Gevinson has gone from bedroom blogger to founder and editor-in-chief of website and print series, Rookie, in just a few years. Rookie attracted over one million views within a week of launching, and has featured contributors such as Lena Dunham, Thom Yorke, Joss Whedon, Malcolm Gladwell, and Sarah Silverman.

Watch this inspiring talk as Tavi discusses adversity, the creative process, her outlook on life, what inspires her, and the value of being a ‘fangirl.’

Tavi Gevinson is the founder of influential website, Rookie Mag, when she was just sixteen. Profiled as a fashion prodigy by the New Yorker in 2010, she has written for publications such as GARAGE, Harper’s Bazaar, Lula, Pop, and Vogue UK; presented at IdeaCity, TEDxTeen, L2 Forum, and the Economist World in 2012 Festival; and been featured on covers of Pop, L’Officiel, BUST, and AdWeek.

Also check out our interview with Tavi ahead of her talk at Sydney Opera House:
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