Inside a dangerous mind – Kirby Ferguson


Name: Ferguson, Kirby

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Writer, filmmaker




Q: What makes an idea “dangerous”?
High destructive capacity makes an idea dangerous. So a dangerous idea is only good if the destruction it wreaks introduces better ideas.


Q: Which technological or scientific advancement excites you most?
Biomimicry and complexity science are two realms that I find incredibly exciting. In particular, I’m excited by learning about our social systems by studying natural systems.


Q: Which social or political movement scares you most?
I now live in the United States and American conservatives definitely freak me out.


Q: What’s the one thing you wish society better understood?
Feedback loops.


Q: Will the defining catastrophe of the next decade be natural or man-made?
Shouldn’t we say human-made? It’s 2013, people. I think it will be human-made. There must be another stock market crash or three coming in the next ten years.


Q: What question have you been dying to ask someone (and who)?
I’ve had to think about this for a few minutes so I guess I’m not dying to ask anybody anything.


Q: What question have you been dying for someone to ask you?
I actually long to not be asked questions.


Q: If you could outsource one part of your life, what would it be?
I’d like to have a clone who does all my computer work.


Q: What’s your favourite book and why?
This changes all the time, but my favorite book of the last couple years is Thinking in Systems: A Primer, by Donella Meadows.


Q: You Twitter handle is _____. Your Facebook page is _____. Your website is _____.
Twitter handle is @notconspiracy. You Facebook page is Website is

(These are all in a sad, pre-launch state.)


Q: Favourite Youtube clip? (For fun)



Kirby Ferguson delivers his solo talk ‘This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory‘ and also appears on the sold-out panel with Evgeny Morozov, ‘Stories Matter More Than Facts‘ at Festival of Dangerous Ideas.  FODI is selling fast so get your tickets now!