Aus Day


Neil Gaiman wrote a poem for Australian Day last year that he read at Sydney Opera House as part of Amanda Palmer’s performance on January 26. For those that weren’t there, here are the first few lines and footage of him reading it live with shadow puppets.

We killed them all, when we came here,
The people came, and burned their land,
The forests where they used to feed,
We burnt the trees that gave them shade
And burned to bush to shrub to heath,
We made it easier to hunt,
We changed the land and they were gone…

Discover the strange beast that is Australia Day in Peter Chamber’s blog post on Crikey today.

“Australia Day used to be controversial. I kinda liked that. I remember going to the Big Day Out in Sydney 1996 on Australia Day and hearing Rage Against the Machine’s Zack de la Rocha do a big rant about Invasion Day, and feeling stirred when the crowd roared in approval. I should add: no one, no one would have worn a flag to the Big Day Out then. Let alone the Australian flag.”