Graphic CROP


Earlier this month our close neighbours at GRAPHIC held their third annual festival of all things, well, graphic, animation and music… For all the creative thinkers who missed out, make sure to watch these two sets of interviews and behind-the-scenes footage with Academy Award-winning Toy Story 3 director / long-term Pixar collaborator Lee Unkrich and the brains behind Sydney-based animation collective, Animal Logic.

Pixar: Behind the Screens

Unkrich’s tales of sheer fear of failure and inspired work ethic recalls some of the great take-home philosophies of Tim Harford – check out his FODI talk ‘Make More Mistakes’…

Animal Logic: History of Digital Animation

And for the tech-heads out there who know what a Commodore 64 is (it’s not a car…), talk of the rapidity in technological progression makes us think the exponential predictions of Jason Silva’ ‘We Are The Gods Now’ may turn to reality sooner than expected…