Renowned for his presence in high-profile cases defending the likes of Salman Rushdie, Michael X in Trinidad and most recently Julian Assange, it feels like a grave injustice to ignore the brief, intertwined path shared between Geoffrey Robertson and controversial heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson.

In light of his rape conviction and imprisonment, infamous biting of Evander Holyfield’s ear and eventual bankruptcy after earning 50 million dollars – Robertson’s defence twelve years ago sits as a small ripple in one of the most baffling careers in sports history.

Aug 24 2000 – post-Holyfield and leading into his fiery rivalry with Lennox Lewis – Tyson was fined $187,500 by the British Boxing Board for the following behaviour after his 38-second fight with Lou Savarase… Watch it unfold below.

Astoundingly avoiding a ban from the ring, Tyson also ducked a 2nd charge for the following post-match comments directed at the then IBF and WBC champion, Lennox Lewis.

Robertson led Tyson’s British and American legal team throughout his hearing, declaring the outcome ‘a victory for Tyson’ – a most strange encounter in two careers that have evaded convention; in both the ring and the court room, respectively.

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