mattias klum CROP


“Dear friends, I am at the last leg of the hectic editing process for our upcoming film on the Baltic Sea”

Looks like Mattias is diving deep before his upcoming talk at the House Dec 9 - Could this be a preview of what’s to come in his exploration of the world’s last wild places? We’ve already had rock star science professor Brian Cox give us an exclusive preview of his revamped version of the legendary ‘Galaxy Song’ – performed with ex-Monty Python legend Eric Idle nonetheless… and the stars aligned with fellow Python Michael Palin giving an inspirational (and hilarious) talk at the House that same week…

(Note: Full Palin talk coming very soon - watch this space)

I wouldn’t say we’re supersticious at the House, but from recent events and the following trailer we may well be in for a few sneaky treats when Mattias arrives next month!